Professional Workshops |  Once a week
  • Intermediate Course : Sculpting with ZBrush

    | Tuition Fees :RM2,000 |  Duration: 12 weeks | Prerequisites: Working knowledge with Photoshop |

    Learn the digital sculpting program that has revolutionized the 3D industry.

    A course designed for any artist and who are interested in creating a sculpture in 3D. You will be introduced into ZBrush’s interface and workflow and learn how to create your own models and sculptures in detail.                         Apply

  • Beginning Course :Fundamentals in 3D Animation

    | Tuition Fee: RM3000 | Duration: 14 weeks | Prerequisites: Basic computer skill |

    Get started with a 3D animation software to create your own model and animation.

    A foundation class designed to help you get started on this industry. You will be learning how to use the 3D softwares to do modeling, texturing, animating, lighting, and rendering.  Apply  


*Schedule & Pricing subject to change


Full Time Course